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Announcing The Drive Trust Alliance


Promoting the Use and Development of Open Source Self-Encrypted Storage


San Jose, CA—August 10, 2015— Jointly with Coughlin Associates, Bright Plaza, Inc., has formed The Drive Trust Alliance (DTA) aimed at solving the Self-Encrypted Drive (SED) adoption problem.   The Drive Trust Alliance is an alliance of companies, organizations, and individuals that will benefit from cost efficiencies in marketing on-going education and the creation and support of open source software for managing SEDs.


The Drive Trust Alliance will be making its debut at the 2015 Flash Memory Summit.  Members of the alliance will have speaking spots at the FMS and will also be available at the Trusted Computing Group booth in the FMS exhibits. Two storage security sessions will feature members of the Drive Trust Alliance.


Session 103-A, Tuesday, Storage Security:  Storage Security:  Back to the Future, starting at 3:15 PM will be a panel discussion organized by Robert Thibadeau and Michael Willett of Bright Plaza with Rich Fetik of Data Confidential as chair.  Panelists include:  Joseph Chen from ULINK, Robert Thibadeau from Bright Plaza, Dmitry Obukhov from the Data Security Laboratory and Lance Dover from Micron.


Session 104-A at 4:35 PM, Security in a Flash!  is also chaired by Rich Fetik and includes talks by Michael Willett on Self-Encryption Versus Software Solutions, Jon Tanguy and Rob Strong from Micron on Securing the Data on Your SSD, Jason Cox from Intel on Advances in Storage Security Standards and Monty Forehand from Seagate on You Must Secure Devices as Well as Data.


At the Trusted Computing Group Booth (550) there will be a demonstration of Client open-source SED software to initialize and provision a TCG/OPAL Self-Encrypting Drive as well as unlocking one or more TCG ranges on that drive for reading and writing.  Various member of the DTA will be available to meet and talk with.


The Drive Trust Alliance promotes the acceptance and sale of TCG/OPAL Self-Encrypted drives (SEDs) in the market place.  It provides open source software for managing SEDs.  It works with DTA sponsors to generically and specifically market and promote their SED-related products and it generally raises market awareness of SEDs.  The DTA is looking for additional members.  For more information go to:


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