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Putting a Face on Storage

While touring the 2000 Consumer Electronics Show with a colleague I was struck by how much consumer electronics was a part of our lives.   I realized how the fledging digital consumer electronic devices then starting to take hold (such as PVR/DVRs) would soon dominate consumer electronics.  At the same time, the creation and distribution of entertainment was undergoing its own digital transformation as digital technology increased the speed and lowered the total costs of content creation and distribution.  Digital storage creates a huge positive feedback loop that enables the creation, distribution and reception of entertainment content.  As the cost of entertainment production and distribution decreases and the demand for higher and higher resolution digital content increases storage demand skyrockets.  Likewise, as higher resolution digital content becomes available it is more attractive for an ever increasing variety of mobile and fixed consumer electronic devices to use this content.   As a result storage demand in consumer devices soars.  

By the end of this decade I believe that the entertainment content value chain will consume the majority of every sort of digital storage media and device on the planet!  Digital storage is our storage.  It is the means for passing our culture to the future.  The face that future generations will see when they look back at our times will be observed through the medium of our digital storage archives.

This positive feedback loop for ever increasing digital storage in all aspects of the entertainment content value chain led me to start the annual Storage Visions Conferences.  I want to create a forum where people from all parts of the digital content value chain and the suppliers of storage components and systems could meet and create a community that facilitates this growing storage application market and identify new technologies, applications and business opportunities to the mutual benefit of all attendees.  At the same time I want to create a place where networking and meeting future business partners is encouraged.  The Storage Visions Conference allowed me to realize part of this dream but we need a networking and communications presence that is available all year long, not just once a year. 

At the 2005 Storage Visions Conference in January 2005 we announced the formation of the Entertainment Storage AllianceTM.  This is an entity that allows on-going communication and promotion of digital storage and all aspects of its use in making, editing, distributing and using entertainment content.  The first chapter in this alliance is the creation of this web site.  Steven Beedle of ZNA and I are pleased  to create the www.entertainmentstorage.org web site which is sponsored by on-site advertisements and offers free to the interested public articles, news, and events focusing on entertainment and digital storage for the entertainment value chain.  As time goes on and our resources increase we will add more features to the site.  

As our web logo indicates, entertainment storage creates a unified driving force behind the creation, distribution, and reception of digital content.  To indicate the unifying presence of digital storage in liberating the overall creativity and enjoyment of mankind we refer to this logo as “The Cosmic Wheel of Storage Karma.  We hope that you will give our wheel a spin!  Please sign up and join our storage and entertainment community and if you are a corporation or organization that could benefit from association and exposure on our site please contact us regarding site sponsorship at tom@tomcoughlin.com or steven@zna.com.

Tom Coughlin
Coughlin Associates