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  We are creating a community based model for storage device trends.  We would like to include anonymous comments and tips on storage product development, inventory, prices, build and ship schedules, etc. that will go into this community model.  The model will be available for viewing on this web site.  Our first effort is to create a community model for hard disk drives.
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  Putting Portable Storage in Perspective
Are the days of rotating magnetic memories numbered? Can flash technology development really outpace hard disk drives? What will be the demand and requirements for future generations of digital music and video players? What will be the role of various storage technologies in the development of personal media players? This article will address these issues...
  Putting a Face on Storage
While touring the 2000 Consumer Electronics Show with a colleague I was struck by how much consumer electronics was a part of our lives.   I realized how the fledging digital consumer electronic devices then starting to take hold (such as PVR/DVRs) would soon dominate consumer electronics...

  Disk Drive Estimates for CQ2 2005 and Updated Projections for 2005 (8/15/2005)
2005 is a very unusual year for the hard disk drive industry.  Shipments in the first half of 2005 are estimated to total about 180 M units of all form factors and for all applications.  Shipments in calendar Q2 2005 are estimated at 91.5 M units, up 2.9% from the prior quarter...

Alternatives for Digital Preservation—Preventing the Slow Disaster
Preserving digital content and converting historical analog content to digital form will be the single largest user of digital storage capacity.  Much of the storage for archiving will be on removable media such as tape and optical disks that can be put on a shelf or a library until needed...