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Content Insider – Visions for 2009
By Andy Marken new

Migrating from mDOC: Options, Challenges and Benefits By Datalight new

Interactive Television: Will advertising be the next wave of success for this much maligned industry?
By David Barron

News from the Flash Memory Summit
See Dan Harris' Blog!

How Do You Find Your Stuff?
See ZDNet's Robin Harris' Blog on the Gaviri Pocket Search

Hard Disk Drives: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 
by Jon Elerath, Network Appliance

Trusted Computing Specification FAQ's
by the Trusted Computing Group

Storage Needs to be Trusted Everywhere
by the Mesabi Group

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Storage Specification: Securing Storage and Information Lifecycle Management 
by Enterprise Strategy Group

Back Up This Suckah!!!
Andy Marken, Jon Peddie Trade Points, Counterpoints; Barbs, Jabs On the Proposed Disc/Content Backup Ban

Blogosphere or Blog with Fear 
By G.A. “Andy” Marken

Andy discusses the pro's and con's of Blogging and the dangerous shoals that need to be navigated around.

Film Financing Rule #1 – Be Prepared
By Marty Shindler
“It’s all about being prepared. You need to have a solid set of projections for revenue, expenses and, of course, an anticipated bottom line, if you want a financier to take you seriously,” ...

Archiving Movies in a Digital World
SUN White Paper, Dave Cavena et al. Archiving for long-term preservation remains the only part of the workflow still reliant on film. Using current technology and defined processes, recorded images and sound now can be archived digitally at a cost
measurably lower than that of archiving film.

Your Life on a Silver Platter
#3 in the Storage Visions Series of articles by Tom Coughlin. It posits that the final repository of much of the worlds’ and even our personal content will be hard disk drives no matter what the initial storage devices for capturing that content.

The Future Direction of Optical Data Storage
Technologies and Challenges in the 21st Century by Dick Zech

Serial Attached SCSI Quarterly Summary Letter for Q3, SAS Promotional Activities
informs you about STA’s accomplishments in promoting SAS during the quarter just ended. It also outlines the online SAS resources that STA makes available to you by theSCSI Trade Association

Flash Illuminates Mobile Digital Storage
#2 in the Storage Visions Series of articles authored by Tom Coughlin. Discusses the role of Flash in CE mobile device.

The Once and Future Hard Disk Drive
"Number 1 of the Storage Visions Series Articles" authored by Tom Coughlin. Explores the history and future of Hard Disk Drives beginning with RAMAC.

NAS Virtualization Ready to Double In 2006
Authored by Tom Coughlin and Farid Neema, Computer Technology Review Article. A survey conducted by Peripheral Concepts, Inc. and Coughlin Associates targeted IT operations having at least one NAS system, and a minimum of one terabyte (TB) of raw disk storage

Flash SSD Notebook Market Adoption Model
By Zoltan Kerekes, STORAGEsearch.com. Why it will happen long before bit price parity or floor price kick in.

Putting Portable Storage into Perspective
By Tom Coughlin. Is Samsung's president right? Are the days of rotating magnetic memories numbered? Can flash development really outpace hard drives?

Technology Can't Croon
By DVD Insider. Frank Sinatra may have made doing it his way famous but then he had something really going for himself . . . a single voice half of the population of the world would do anything for!

  Digital Consumer Electronics Driving New Capabilities, Markets for Chipmakers
By Lane Mason, Denali Software After years, if not decades, of hype and chatter, in various incarnations and permutations, and viewed from many different angles and interests, the concept of a new "digital electronics era in the home" is finally starting to come into a sharper focus.
  A PVR to dream for: Stocking Stuffers for December 2009
By Art Edmonds, CSO, Second Star Group. A dichotomy exists and has always existed in the Entertainment Industry in general, and the Movie Industry in particular.
  Storage on Location: The Current State of the Entertainment Industry's. Adoption of Digital Storage Technologies
By Maurice Schlumberger. What can you expect from a Dream PVR or DPVR. This DPVR that could be generally available around year-end 2009, four years from now.
  The Role of Storage in Next-Generation Consumer Electronics
By Michael Greeson, President, The Diffusion Group. As digital electronics continue to replace legacy analog consumer electronics in the home, the need for digital content storage (either embedded or network-capable) will grow concurrently.